John Locke

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A man who thought differently...

John Locke was an English philosopher who had very different views in the political world than other "political thinkers." Unlike others, he thought the idea of an absolute ruler was not in the best of interest of the people.

The beliefs of John Locke

Locke disagreed with fellow philosopher Thomas Hobbes, who thought that before the time of organized society (that being with a government and ruler), man was a "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short," people. However Mr. Locke thought that before the so called "organization," people were free and equal, and within this was a form of what we now call unalienable rights with a minor difference. These were the rights of life, liberty and property.
Three Minute Philosophy - John Locke

More Beliefs

More Beliefs:

  • problems were part of nature
  • non-believer in democracy but his ideas were important to how America and France set up governments
  • a constitution was needed in a government
  • rights of the people were to be protected

More beliefs about government.

  • Locke and Thomas Hobbes agreed to establish a government that would protect basic rights of the people. In the mutual relationship between the government and the people, the government would protect their rights, while the people would respect the government in fair ways. If the government spun out of control and broke the contract, the people could create their own government.
  • Locke also believed that people had the right to own land.
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