Who is the real monster?

Tonya, Jocey, and Michaela


Victor could be considered as the monster because he created the creature. He abandoned the creator which was the cause of the creature feeling lonely and killing all of his loved ones. He also doesn't tell people about the creator and what he is capable of. He also feels that he is the one responsible for his loved ones death.


There is a good possibility of the creature being the monster. This creature is heartless and senseless to what he is doing and how it is effecting others. He is killing his creators family, Victor gave him life and he should be thankful. The creature is also selfish, he dosen't care that he has hurt Victor, he just wants a soul mate. He threatens Victor about not making him a soul mate. He shows no feeling through out this story.

We think that the creature is the monster.

We think that the creature is the monster because he is heartless and killing his creators family and doesn't care that he is hurting Victor or his family. He has no feeling so nothing that happens to anyone else effects him at all and he wonders why he is lonely and has no one. People are scared of him and he scares them out of there home and eats there food that is a moster.