Peek at the Week

March 31, 2019

Spring Break is almost here!

In honor of spring break being right around the corner, let's be comfortable for the next two weeks! Wear your jeans and be HAPPY!

Classroom Library Survey

I will be sending you a survey soon to determine what the biggest needs are for your classroom libraries. Because classroom libraries play such a huge roll in growth in reading, I want our libraries to be top notch. I am going to make sure we allot money in our Title One plan next year to cover all of your needs. This is for all classrooms, not just those with homerooms.

Young Teachers

As we move into April, keep the Young Teachers idea in mind that we shared with you when talking about ideas we learned in New York. With this, you assign students who have mastered a skill to be a young teacher to a student who needs more help. These students are assigned specific skills to focus on as they work with students. For example, a young teacher in writing be a young teacher of ending punctuation and citing text evidence. A young teacher in math may be a young teacher of finding common denominators. This not only helps the students who need the help, but students learn so much from just teaching a skill. Give this a try! :-)
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May Testing

We are 24 days away from the beginning of state testing. As we move into April, continue to teach hard, utilize every moment to work with small groups and/or individual students, observe your students to be sure they are engaged, and encourage them about their efforts in the weeks ahead.

Be a watcher of your students. If they are struggling to focus and are having a hard time with a task, take a break. Get them outside for a few moments so that they can refocus and renew. Attitude plays a big role, and we want our students to believe in themselves as we gear up for the task of state testing. Remember that motivation is the motor that drives students, so anything we can do to motivate them will help them to be successful. While testing is important, it is not everything. Keep in mind that we want our students to be prepared for the next grade, have the ability to read and write well, and have the skills that make the world a better place. So, don't stress so much.

We have received such positive feedback from our parents concerning no homework and the push for more reading. Let's all continue to encourage our students to read at home by making sure each child leaves school everyday with a book to read that is a just right book for them. In talking with many parents, they have asked for books. It is a fact that many of our students do not have books at home. :-( Brenda is always available to help with books if one of your children needs a great book to read! I truly believe we are going to grow our readers if they all increase their reading times! #cgesreads

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June 27th-28th

Our district office has arranged for Luis Cruz to come and speak on the 27th and 28th of June. Mr. Cruz was one of the speakers at the PLC conference that Matt and I attended, and he is phenomenal! He is a leader in the PLC process. This opportunity is available to any that would like to attend for these two days. Our goal is to move forward as a school in this process by identifying more promise standards and improving our process of collaboration in ensuring our students master them. It will helps us as we move forward for more of us to learn about PLC's. I will provide comp time for you if you can attend. Please let me know if you are interested in attending in June.

United Way

Each school has been asked to raise money for United Way. All money raised will go to iRock which is our district summer reading camp. The summer reading camp targets those students whose MAP scores indicate they may be Not Met on SCReady. At this time, we have 22 students who will be invited to summer reading camp.

For the low, low price of $20, and to support United Way, you can wear jeans for THE REMAINDER OF THE YEAR! If you would like to contribute, please give your money to Reggie.

Active Shooter Drill

We will have our second Active Shooter Drill on April 12th. Please talk with our students the week of the 12th to prepare them for this drill.

RTI Conference

I will be out Wednesday and Thursday attending a RTI conference in Charlotte.

5th Grade

5th grade students need to complete an additional survey. Please have your students go to topics and click on student opinion survey to complete the survey by April 12th. Please email me to let me know when your class has completed the survey. Thank you!

Upcoming Dates:

April 1st: All grades must be entered

April 3rd: Report cards go home

April 4th: Cap and Gown pictures

April 5th: Isibindi House Party

April 9th: Shelby's baby shower, last day for Good News Club

April 12th: Strings to Peace Center, Active Shooter Drill, 5th grade surveys due

April 15th: Spring Break Week!!