Sabre Scene

September 14, 2020

Principal's Message

Dear Sabre families,

I hope everyone had a good weekend as we look forward to the upcoming week. It will be a cooler start but warm weather returns by Friday. One of our classroom strategies to combat the length of the 172 minute classes and to keep students engaged in their learning is to get some fresh air outside for breaks, weather permitting and supervised by staff.

As mentioned last week, our students have been excellent at wearing their masks and following safety protocols. As we all understand, wearing masks for the full day can be challenging and by going outside and being able to social distance, it provides our staff and students a bit of a reprieve during the day.

Also, as a highlight for the upcoming week and under a quarter system with two classes instead of the traditional four classes in a two semester system, the pace is that much quicker. Hence, we are communicating and being intentional with students in preparing them the best we can as this week will bring us to unit exams and an increase in assignments being due. A comprehensive exam schedule for Quarter one exams in November will be released next week.

As a reminder, Parent/Teacher interviews will be held on Monday, September 28 from 4:30 - 7:00 p.m. and will be done virtually. Stay tuned next week on how to sign up.

Our first School Council meeting will be Thursday, September 24 at 7:00 p.m..

Have a good week everyone - let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Sunny Sandhu


Salisbury Composite High School

School Fee Information 2020-2021

TO: All school families

SEND AS: General
DATE: Sept. 14, 2020
SUBJECT: School Fees: 2020-21

Dear Salisbury Families:

Elk Island Public Schools is modifying the way it charges school fees for the 2020-21 year to accommodate:

  • the switch from out-of-school learning to in-school learning.

  • the change of some schools to a quarterly semester system; and

  • a reduction to the number and amount of refunds should schools close again.

School fee information for the 2020-21 school year is expected to be posted by late September—depending on your school’s schedule. All fees are due within 14 days of being posted. Any credits on account are automatically applied and reduces the fee(s) owing. To access your fee and credit information, log in to the PowerSchool Parent Portal and go to “Student Fees.” There you can view your fees and pay online using Visa, MasterCard or INTERAC Online—when available from your financial institution.

When you log on, you will notice the fee schedule is different from the previous year. Instead of a fee based on the entire year, fees are charged at the beginning of each of the four quarters listed below. At the start of each quarter, you’ll also receive an e-mail notification from your school, letting you know fees are posted to the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Fees for kits or equipment kept by the student are charged in full at the start of the course.

  • Sept. 1, 2020 – same entry date for all schools

  • Nov. 16, 2020 – same entry date for all schools

  • Feb. 1, 2021 – entry date for elementary and junior high is January 6

  • Apr 21, 2021 – entry date for elementary and junior high is April 6

NOTE: Fees apply to in-school students only.


noon-hour supervision:

  • An annual fee split into four equal parts.

  • Students entering on the specified entry dates will have the noon supervision fee adjusted accordingly—at the next quarter billing.

course fees (grades 7-12):

  • quarterly semester schools:

  • Ardrossan Junior Senior High, Bev Facey Community High, Fort Saskatchewan High, Lamont High, Salisbury Composite High, Strathcona Christian Academy Secondary, Vegreville Composite High

  • Course fees are charged each quarter for applicable courses.

  • remaining schools:

  • Students who enter during a semester will have in-progress course fees that are pro-rated accordingly, and all applicable fees charged at the next quarter billing for the next semester courses.

  • Fees for kits or equipment kept by the student are charged in full at the start of the course.

field trips and extracurricular feesfor example, sports:

  • Fees are charged only when approved to occur. As of September 1, all such activities are suspended.

fee payment deadlines:

  • Fees are due each quarter, 14 days after being posted. Fees are only applicable to students attending in-school classes.

fee credits and refunds:

  • If your student is registered for in-school learning at the start of each quarter, you will be assessed all applicable fees for that quarter.

NOTE: Noon supervision and course fees require planning and resources to operate. Costs are difficult to change to fluxes in student numbers. As such, refunds will not be issued after 14 days of attending an in-school class during an applicable quarter-semester—given the personal decision to switch from in-school to out-of-school learning. Should the government make the decision to change to Scenario 2, partial return to school, or Scenario 3, the suspension of in-school classes, fees will be adjusted appropriately.

If circumstances exist where you can’t pay your fees, you can apply to have fees waived by submitting an Application for a Waiver of Fees. The deadline for receipt of your application is Dec. 15, 2020, or if new to EIPS, the latter of Dec. 15, 2020, or 45 days after registration. An extension will be granted for students transitioning from the out-of-school learning program to in-school classes. For more information about school fees, waivers and payment deadlines, visit


Salisbury Composite High School

Success Team Resource of the Week

Anxiety Canada is a leader in developing free online, self-help, and evidence-based resources on anxiety. Creators of Mindshift application (various strategies that can be used to deal with stress)

Youth Connect has created new outdoor programs to meet the requirements of Alberta Health Services. Online cooking, outdoor activities, and a variety of services will be provided, weather permitting.

Phone Number: 780-464-4044