Phishing is Everywhere, Don't get Caught

What is Phishing

The activity of defrauding an online account holder of financial information, account passwords, and various email addresses as well as other pieces of personal information. Phishing can happen to anyone in a number of ways. Phishing commonly occurs through emails that may look like legit emails from companies or banks saying that you need to click a specific link or login to your account. From there the "phisher" can obtain any personal information accessible with your password (credit card, social security number, etc.). They can also hack your email and get all of your contacts to spread the spam to them as well.

How to Avoid Phishing

Stay Away From Suspicious Emails

Always pay close attention when analyzing emails that look like they were sent from a company or bank. First look at the email address that the email was sent from. Some addresses will be a dead give away that something is up with that email. Next, how does the email address you? If the company really did send that email, they would already know your name and would address you by it. Look out for greeting such as: Dear customer, Dear valued client, etc. Keep an eye out for spelling and grammar mistakes as a formal company wouldn't have these in an email. Before clicking any links, hover over to see the URL. If it says anything having to do with "redirect" or any other suspicious URL's DON'T CLICK IT. Avoid clicking any links in emails, a company will usually tell you to sign on to your account on your own, not through a link.
What Is Phishing