Nonfiction Newsletter

by Charlie Ashley


I would define perserverence as something that can help a person do anything. It takes a lot of character traits in order to perservere, but if you truly perservere you get through anything and all the adversitys thst life gives you.

Jackie Robinson-Problem and Solution

Jackie Robinson

During the 1940s prejudice groups and racism were a very big problem, especially in sports. There was no black players in the Major Leagues and everyone doubted black players. A man named Branch Rickey, the Brooklyn Dodgers manager had an idea. He was going to try and break the color barrier in the Major Leagues by bringing in a black player to solve this problem. A young African American baseball player named Jackie Robinson was the one brave soul that Branch Rickey happened to pick. Jackie had the ability to change the game forever. But he would face many challenges along the way. Him and Rickey would work together in order to solve the racism and prejudice problems in the league. The main difficulty would be facing major racism and hate from all the players, coaches, press, and fans. Everyone would doubt him but the main goal was to stay strong and solve the main problem which was to break the color barrier and end racism in the game of baseball. Years later after facing all the adversity, Jackie proved he was worthy and broke and ended the color barrier and opened the league for blacks.

Winston Churchill-description

I would describe Winston Churchill as an inspiring and eloquent historical figure. He was born in November 30, 1874 in England. His childhood was rough because he had to go to boarding school at a young age.Throughout his life he has shown bravery, perseverance , and good army tactics. For example in 1919 through 1922 he served as minister of war and air and colonial secretary. He was one of the first to ever promote military aircraft. He also joined harrow rifle corps in the year 1888, already a brave boy learning army tactics. He clearly consists of these characteristics throughout these years. His greatest accomplishment however, was During World War 2. He was the Prime Minister of England and was faced with many tough adversities such as the Germans. He made a mighty speech to inspire his country and told them never back down. England never backed down and wound up winning the war. During this time Nazi Germany had a mighty and scary good army that couldn't be stopped. After a serious bombing attack from them Winston gave England a remarkable speech and led them to victory as earlier stated. Winston Churchill once said, “ Never give up, never never never never”. From this quote, we know how great and brave of a man he was. And also we know how great of a man he was throughout his life. We know he would never give up or give in. He showed perseverance through all the horrible things Germany gave them and he led his country and came out on top.

Losing to Win-Cause and Effect

In the story Losing to Win a group of girls have a rough life. The cause of this this is that they were very unlucky. The effects of this are also rough. The girls are influenced by alcohol and drugs and live in poverty. A high school Named Carol Academy decided to help these girls out because of noticing their rough lifestyle. They will take care and provide help to further their education because of this. A basketball team called the Lady Jags is the girls main source of help. Here they teach the girls important life skills and help them with their grades. Because of all this the girls have a better education and a better chance at making it far in today's world. the girls overcame and persevered through all there adversity's until they reached their goal and escaped the horrible lifestyle. With the help of the school and coaches these girls dreams came true.

Kid President Sequence Infographic

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Jonas and Roberto compare and contrast infographic

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I think now you understand that all these people have a large impact on perseverance in the world today. Others are inspired by these people all over the world. These people show how much and how far perseverance can bring you in life and the difference that it makes in your life