Fundraising For Health - Everything is Make-An-Offer!!!

Bex* Needs Life-Sustaining Medical Supplies

Each purchase counts, no matter how small! Every dime and dollar is going toward the cause. Please come out and support a hardworking artist and childcare provider to be able to access desperately needed medical supplies.


Just SOME Of The Items...Donated by an Entire Community!!!

  • Books: Many many electronics books! Some software/web design books! Non-fiction titles too!
  • Electronics/Appliances (working): Four Professional newsroom video transfer decks (VHS/Hi-8), 35mm camera and long lens, blender, mini coffee pot, three AlphaSmart word processors (!!!), good size fan, small desk heater
  • Elder-care items: Parkinson's walker (retails $500), two standard walkers, a cane
  • Furniture: Two wooden kitchen chairs, corner shelf unit, antique plant stand with curio shelf underneath, magazine rack
  • Craft items: New yarn, hook and latch rug (puppy dog pattern!), 70's Belvedere sewing machine
  • Tools: MANY pair of wirecutters/needlenose pliers from an electronics course, small toolboxes to hold them

Other: New-in-packaging 2013 Calendars (use them or just take the pretty pictures!) - a sombrero - educational items about Tibet - framed posters of horses - NEW picture frames, 40 of them - fake potted plants and a small palm tree - a practically-new snowboarding jacket - umbrella - unopened board games - a 6 foot fake Christmas tree - dishes galore! - canning jars, a drawer full - water resistant tablecloths with patterns - New-In-Packaging twin bedspreads (x3)

This is just what I can recall off the top of my head. And I'm totally sleep-deprived from running around picking up donations. There is much, much more.

9am - 4pm

185th and Meridian

Shoreline, WA 98133

  • Blue House on 185th
  • There will be a HUGE BANNER (you won't be able to miss it!!!)
  • Parking on open gravel at neighbors or across the street on Burke