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Kumki Story : The Western Ghats, a mountain village in atikkuti pukuntuvita wild elephants, brought them to banish ' gem with ' The Kumki elephants ! The story of the elephant 's pakantan nayakanana ' pomman ' ( Vikram Prabhu ). Grandson of kumki songs Shivaji.

The place to chase the elephants, the elephant loved the woman mountaineer ' Ally ' ( Lakshmi Menon ) pomman on the love ! This is because the pomman ayalurvaciyana and paste the urmakkal refuse anyone ! But Alli only by kumki songs his ability to hunt elephants accaryappattu cunning stealth and without him noticing. Thin and fell in love !

At one point, she tells her kumki songs love pomman ! But the answer is no telling it to Ally, upset pomman ! In the meantime, another village pomman referred to chase kumki songs elephants. For the lilies pomman miss ! But because of Ally 's strategy periyappan Modern 've come to Ally pomman removed from there ! Ally desperately push the unit back into the village pomman... atikkuti pataiyetukkinrana wild elephants. Ure scared and frightened and crying ! But Ally did not uccattukke of fun ! The elephants come into town with his re pomman!

Ally says, confessing his love to come back as expected pomman... ! Pomman - Ally both the lap of mother nature becomes the love of the children. Have urmakkal accept that their love ? Pomman status of the operation to hunt kumki songs elephants in the climax of what happened in the life of the ulukkuvatupe Prabhu Solomon.

Kumki performance : Shivaji 's grandson Vikram Prabhu played pomman. It 's a challenge for him, but Grandpa roltan polellam petaletuttatu not up to the Goddess. Lakshmi Menon played the female role of Ally Hill. National Award winning kumki songs actor brother Ramaiah cilantro lived in the character. Muttayppay all the elephant. Frame to Frame akaramittu wins our heart !

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Kumki Songs : Kumki film's songs have impressed audiences vekuvakave. Choi Choi already super hittakivittatu kumki songs. Collittale awesome song. While you may not be Maina renc kataikkerra lyrics. Iman has realized over. Kumki Cinematography : Sukumar 's film has cinematography. Forests, mountains, reservoirs, elephant lovers, which makes the camera focus on the beauty of whatever beauty !

Kumki movement : Prabhu Solomon's Kumki touched Maina miles beyond the love and holds social issue. Subject little heavy. In some cases as little crop could condense. But before bringing the grand man of the forest ammal need to appreciate. Plus : Different plot Within the little beauty

The Great Elephant climax Minus : Between the middle kumki songs of documentary The script will be exactly the expected kumki songs Look? : A family with children will definitely see the movie ! forest elephants from entering urukkul suppressed slipped back through the jungle turattuvatarkakave, payakkappatta yanaikalaittan Kumki kumki songs elephant is said that from a young age. Such an elephant and mahout tell them about the love of film ' Kumki '.

Atikatu in the tribal village during each harvest, the elephant in the jungle, they destroyed the harvest, as well as the kumki songs lives of others parikkiratu. The wild elephant and the government will continue to attakacattai uncontrollably, in a different part of the village, the village emptied from the State tells people to go. Martha kiramattaivittu people do not go anywhere, Kumki elephant with a wild elephant that thinks the end.

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