Two Ears Adoption

Givers of Dogs and Cats

Come to Two Ears Adoption

Come to Two Ears Adoption to find healthy, loved, and positively cared for animals. Unlike other adoption businesses we hire our employees carefully. We make sure the workers are patient and want to be there. We would not want our animals to be abused when not under surveillance. To keep our little animal friends healthy we buy top brands in pet care. But what is the point of keeping these little imps healthy if people are not going to come and adopt one to love and care for themselves. Come to the Two Ears Adoption to hug and kiss your own little pup or kitten!
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Two Ears Adoption

The founder of this Adoption clinic is a 13 year old girl who adores and loves animals. Her goal for this clinic is to give away as many animals as possible but while doing that, making sure that the animals are in tip top shape and are happy while waiting for their dream owner to come pick them up.
Opening Hours:

Monday-Friday 11:30 am - 8:45 pm

Saturday-Sunday 12:00 am -5:00 pm

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