Tomorrows Footsteps

Aidan Kelly 3rd period

About The Poet!

Eve Merriam was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She writes books and Poems and has published 88 books. Her first book was named Family Circle, made in 1946, winning the Yale Younger Poets Prize. She passed away in 1992 on April 11. Today she is still very popular. | I got all the information from


Poem: Tomorrow`s Footsteps

Walking, walking, keep walking along,
walking, walking, been walking so long

Footsteps forced back on the sorrow road
Chains dragging the dust a heavy load
Bloody marks on tomorrow`s road

Walking, walking, keep walking along ...

Master caught a runaway
Tomorrow my son rise another day
Rise up my brothers free today

How do they hold the line so long?
How do they hold the line so strong?

With Denmark Vesey the line is long.
With Harriet Tubman walking along.
With John Brown`s body marching along.
With Frederick Douglass the line holds

Footsteps joining from everywhere,
Heading for Justice and getting there!

-Eve Merriam

(step 1) Illustrate the Images that I see.

The Illustrations created in my mind by the words in the poem are just horrible. I see people (colored people) being called "slaves" and treated like "slaves." They have been treated like their unequal and should`t be given the rights as white people. Not everybody thought this was okay. There were very brave and strong people who fought real hard against slavery. They were tired of being treated badly. Today would have been a horrible life time if it were`t for them sanding up for what right.

(step 2 & 5) 5 key words from the Poem

There are 5 key words that really show the true meaning of this poem, words like Justice, sorrow, chains, free and strong. These words really show the true meaning of love and how hero`s like Martin Luther King Jr gave all he had to show what is right. The word justice really shows the happiness that people had when people had more rights. Sorrow is the word of expression that shows the pain and sadness that people have and how hard it is to be in life being controlled and the love was very rare. Chains were always used on the poor slaves and like said, love was rare. Free is a word that was given to the "slaves" later on when there we hero`s who helped with freedom.

(step 3) 2 sentences that stand out

Footsteps joining from everywhere,

Heading for Justice and getting there

These two lines from the poem are very important.
They have shown that the Army of Slaves was fighting

for slavery and weren't giving up.

(step 4) Poem Devices

Eve Merriam seemed to put the words Long and along in her poem. She also put The words day and today.

Aidan Kelly

3rd Period ELA