PK4 TIP Cohort

August 10 & 11

Welcome to Austin ISD Early Childhood!

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Vision Statement

The AISD Early Childhood department will evolve in partnership with the community as a cohesive and pedagogically aligned program to ensure that the district's prekindergarten students are kindergarten ready.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Early Childhood Department is to develop and provide support for the implementation of a rigorous research-based early childhood curriculum that ensures best teaching practices and developmentally prepares students for the rigors of kindergarten and beyond.
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Name, School

Let's learn more about each other: Exploding Atom

PK Mimes!

Let's play a game!

Everyone will take turns drawing a slip of paper that has a situation of something that may happen during the PK day. That person will act out the scenario.

The group must guess what the situation or scenario is.

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Texas PK Guidelines

Austin ISD follows the Texas PK Guidelines.
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PK Curriculum Resource

Austin ISD uses the Scholastic Big Day Curriculum as our resource for all content areas.

Scholastic Big Day Online Teacher Space


Scholastic Big Day Teacher's Space gives teachers access to a wide variety of Scholastic curriculum supporting materials. New teachers use the district username and password that are listed above. This is for one time use! Once you login in with these credentials it prompts the teacher to set up a customized user name and password.

For support, you can contact Scholastic BIg Day Technical Support 1-888-326-6546.

Username: 227901 Password: Travis

Classroom Libraries

The district has purchased classroom libraries for each classroom. You will be receiving over 200 books for your class library!!
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No More Letter of the Week

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Austin ISD PK Yearly Planning Guides (YPG) and Student Performance Guides (SPG)

To help guide instruction and to ensure the PK Guidelines are taught, Austin ISD has created Yearly Planning Guides (YPG) and SPGs.

Lesson Plan Templates

AISD Focus Areas

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Heggerty- Phonemic Awareness Lessons

- Daily

-10 min.

-See schedule

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PK Daily Activities

Large Group Instruction

PK Guidelines p. 14

Small Group Instruction

PK Guidelines p. 14

Learning Centers

PK Guidelines p. 14-15
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Hands-On Learning!

Instead of this...

Do this...

The Dot
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Establishing a Schedule

PK Guidelines p. 15-16

AISD Rest Time Guidelines

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Other Rest Time Guidelines

Sylina will send separately for you to drop in.
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Modeled Read Aloud / Shared Reading

Modeled Write Aloud / Shared Writing

Bunny Cakes
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The Learning Environment

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Physical Arrangement of Space

Texas PK Guidelines p. 11

Organization and Routine of Activities

Texas PK Guidelines p. 13

• Rules Chart

• Helpers Chart

• Attendance Chart

• Daily Schedule Chart

• Learning Area Planning Chart

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Social Emotional Learning / Classroom Management

Safe Place (Calming Basket)

Family Tree

Morning Greeting

"A Letter to Teachers on the use of Stoplights in the Classroom"

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Positive Messages Conveyed by the Classroom Structure

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AISD PK4 Environmental Checklist

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Monitoring Children's Learning and Development

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Informal Assessments

Texas PK Guidelines p. 18

• Ongoing observations

• Systematic observations

• Reflections

• Anecdotal notes

• Checklists

• Portfolios

Formal Assessments

Texas PK Guidelines p. 19-20

In addition to district report cards, Austin ISD uses the CIRCLE Progress Monitoring System as our formal assessment. These assessments are given through the computer and are accessed on the CLI Engage website.

Austin ISD has created PK4 assessment rubrics that go with the report card.

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Family Engagement

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Staggered Start Family Visits

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HB4 Family Engagement Plan

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EC Website

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PK Furniture Inventory

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AISD Toileting Policy

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Monthly PK Newsletter

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EC Professional Development Offerings

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Who's Who on the EC Team?