End of Genetics Unit assignment

Step 1: Create a health card

Your family is expecting a baby! Decide on a name, create a picture and paste this on a hypothetical health care card.

At this time you may also work on Step 5

Step 2: What is amniocentesis?

Find out about amniocentesis by watching the video below. Once you have watched it

Write a video response to it in less than one page. Do you think this is a procedure you want to do? What will you do if the results are negative?

When done, continue planning step 5

Amniocentesis: Amniotic Fluid Test in Pregnancy

Step 3: What is the value of the life of a person with physical or mental challenges?

Write a video response of less than one page:

How do you value a life with disabilities? If you discovered your baby has a genetic defect would you consider an abortion? What factors would you consider in making your decision? did these videos surprise you? Why or why not?

Watch the videos attached about individuals who have turned disabilities into inspiring abilities.

When done, continue planning step 5

Dick & Rick Hoyt
Nick Vujicic - No arms no legs no worries - look at yourself after watching this!

Step 4: Wait for your amniocentices results

You will receive the results of your amniocentices testing.

Continue working on Step 5

Step 5: Prepare for your Panel Discussion

You will be part of a team participating in a panel discussion on one of the following topics

1. At what time does human life begin?

2. How do we decide you uses the limited health care resources we have? Case study 78 year old grandfather with ALS verses a child with life threatning respiratory problem. Who should we give the one ventilator to?

A rubric will be provided on D2L.

1. Plan the point you will argue to support your cause.

2. Anticipate points you will need to counter arguments from your opponents. There will be a rebuttal time after each argument and you will be assessed on the strength of your rebuttal as well as your presentation of facts supporting your cause.

Step 6: Results of the amniocentices test

It is possible that your results will suggest a risk for a genetic disease. If so, research the disease that your baby is at risk of having. Discuss with your partner what you will do with this result.

Write a one page action report on your decision. A rubric will be posted on D2L. One copy only is needed per family.

Submit the results of your research on your genetic disease. A rubric will be posted on D2L. Each member of the family will have to write their own individual portion.