Some Country Basics

  • The name of country is Belgium
  • The capital is Brussels
  • The flag has 3 stripes, black, gold, and red. Black, gold and red are symbolic of the country's coat of arms; black representing a shield; gold representing a lion, and red representing the lion's claws and tongue.
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  • The country is located in Western Europe and countries that surround it are Luxembourg, France, Netherlands, and Germany
  • Some major landforms are The Ardennes uplands and The Eifel Volcano
  • Major landmarks are the Cinquantenaire Arch, The Cathedral of our Lady and The Atomium
  • Nearby major bodies of water is the North Sea to the West

Cinquantenaire Arch

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  • Belgium has a federal parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarchy from of government
  • The main leaders are King Philippe, Prime Minister Charles Michel, Deputy Prime Ministers; Alexander De Croo, Jan Jambon, Kris Peeters, and Didier Reynders.
  • The leaders are chosen through votes from the people
  • The rights, roles and responsibilities of the people are;

-The right to work, the right to a free choice of work, and the right to good working conditions;
-the right to strike and the right to form and join trade unions;
-the right to social security;
-the right to an appropriate standard of living (including food, housing and adequate social services and medical care);
-the right to a family;
-the right to health;
-the right to education;
-the right to cultural identity and the right to take part in cultural life.
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  • Belgium is a very rich country with an industrialized economy and with a $534.2 billion GDP
  • The kind of money used in Belgium is the Euro
  • Some of Belgium's main imports are raw materials, machinery, equipment, chemicals, and raw diamonds, some of main its exports include chemicals, machinery, equipment, and finished diamonds.
  • The life expectancy is 80.88 years
  • The birth rate is 10 births/1,000 people
  • The literacy rate is 99% total population
  • The water source is 100% total population

Euros with Belgian Flag

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  • Some traditional and modern clothing include Duckbill hats and Kilts
  • The major languages that are spoken in Belgium is Dutch, French, and German
  • Some Belgian holidays include Independence Day (July 21st) and All Saint's day (November 1st)
  • Belgium's main religions include Catholic (75% of total population) and Protestant (25% of total population)
  • Some of Belgium's most popular food include Belgian fries and Belgian Chocolate
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  • General weather conditions are temperate, mild winters, cool summers, rainy, humid, and cloudy
  • Average yearly rainfall in Brussels is 818 mm
  • Average yearly temperature in Brussels is 41 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Belgium rarely sees snow due to the mild winters and water levels are left vulnerable.

Winter in Brussels, Belgium

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  • In 1815 Southern Netherlands (Belgium) and Northern Netherlands (Holland) formed to become one state which caused protests until 1830 after a series of incidents a revolution erupted in Brussels and expelled enemy troops on September 27, 1830 and declared themselves independence from the Northern Netherlands on October 4th, 1830.
  • During World War 1 and 2 Belgium was invaded and occupied by the Germans. Most of the country was liberated by the Allies between September and October 1944, though areas to the far east of the country remained occupied until early 1945. In total, approximately 88,000 Belgians died during the conflict.
  • These events later came to form or reform the Belgian government.

Belgium being liberated by British troops

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Compare and Contrast

  • Food is the same in many ways, In Belgium fries and chocolate are popular types of food in the same way it is in America.
  • Religion is the same in lots of ways, one of America's main religions is Catholic the same way it is in Belgium.

  • The government may be different in various ways such as Americans may have laws that in Belgium don't exist.
  • The language spoken is completely different, in Belgium as previously stated Belgians normally speak French, Dutch, or German. Where as here in America, Americans speak all sorts of different languages

Belgian Flag with American Flag

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