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December 18, 2015

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Tool of the Week- EDPuzzle

EDPuzzle now integrates with Google Classroom! WHAAAAT? Ok, so here is what EDPuzzle does. You take a video (you can search for videos from Khan, YouTube TED and more from inside EDPuzzle!) and you add in question points within the video so you can check for understanding along the way. You can add open ended questions, multiple choice questions text comments from you, audio comments from you, or even teacher narration! There is a blog post here that shows how you can share a lesson you create with other teachers. I have a quick video below that shows you how it works with classroom. I have not tried it yet but please let me know what you think if you use it! I do know that it is important to follow their directions (from another DLC- thanks Penney!) because just assigning the EDPuzzle in their system doesn't automatically create an assignment or make it visible in Classroom.
EDpuzzle: Google Classroom Awesome Integration

Tip of the Week- Differentiation With Google Classroom

Creating a template/worksheet is easy in Google classroom. Students can be given their own copy and then they can edit it without messing up everyone else's stuff. But what if you want to give some students a document that is slightly different than others?

One solution is this:

  • Create one Google Doc that will be sort of a master doc. This will act as a place where students will choose their pathway.
  • Make each of the differentiated worksheet documents you want the students to use in Google Drive
  • Get the shareable link for those documents
  • Change the last word in each of the URLs from edit to copy
  • Paste these updated URLS on the Master Doc.
  • In Classroom, Attach this master document and choose the view only option.
  • Students will view the document and click on the link for the specific worksheet document they need.
  • To turn in the document, tehy simply attach it from their Google Dirve in the assignment submission.

What a good idea! Found from Tom Mullaney at http://www.bamradionetwork.com/edwords-blog/google-classroom-a-differentiation-strategy


Follow Friday

I really should always put a disclaimer on my Follow Friday that I do not have any control over what people tweet. Usually my suggestions are people who have, in my opinion, been folks with good information to share about technology or Education. But if you ever check out one of my follows and you see something that you don't like, please just unfollow.

Today I am going to give you some follows just for fun:

I prefer @santa to @officialsanta as the latter seems more like an advertisement plus countdown to Christmas Eve, while @santa actually tweets fun little gems, like "@taylorswift13 I'm not sure what to bring you this year. You left a 'Blank Space' on your list". In case you're wondering, I know neither has been verified to be the REAL Santa, because then he would have a little blue check mark by his name.

If you are anxious to see the Ball drop, you can follow @NYRE (New Years Rockin' Eve) or @TimesSquareNYC . Believe it or not, the ball even has it's own Twitter account (verified with the little blue check mark) @timessquareball

ISTE Standard of the Week

Standard 3 is all about Research and Information Fluency. This standard tells us students should be able to "apply digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use information." And part D of this standard tells us students should be able to "process data and report results."

Well, I know teachers sure have to do this a lot more than ever before. Really this is happening everywhere. Technology gives us the ability to collect data which means our students need to know what to do with it.

Fun for Kids- Santa Tracker

Google has https://santatracker.google.com online now, which is WAY more than just a Santa tracker. Check it out- it includes a coding exercise! There are several online games including the code boogie where you can write code to make the elves dance.

If you are looking for an app, check out the Google Santa Tracker, Where is Santa Lite, and NORAD Tracks Santa on Android or Where is Santa Lite and NORAD Tracks Santa on iTunes