Kirsten Natterstad

What is ISIS

ISIS is a religious group with many beliefs and they have taken over land in northern Syria to central Iraq. This group began in 2004 as al Qaeda but two years later became ISIS. This group though is a lot more dangerous than al Qaeda.

ISIS Goals

What are their goals?

ISIS is an acronym that mean Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and their leader is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Most of ISIS is made of Sunni Muslims and the cities they took over have a big population of them. According to William Beeman, " They would like the entire world to be Muslim, but they want the world to be Muslim in a very, very narrowly defined manner." So their main goal as William said is that they want to make the whole world to be Muslim and they are going to do that by bring the war from the Middle East to Europe and America.

ISIS Recruitment's

American recruits

Overall, 250 Americans have tried to be part of ISIS. Only 15 have succeeded and joined overseas. The people that have been trying to join are all different. You would expect them to be all Muslim but only some are from a poor Muslim background; three have Somali backgrounds, some with privileged backgrounds and one Latino. All the people they are trying to recruit from the US are very young, the age they have the most is 26. A quarter of them are even teenagers and some of the teenagers are girls and the youngest of them if 15. Some are women but 86% are men. Of the 250 people that have tried to join 80 of them have actually have been arrested for trying to join. All these people want to join thought because ISIS approach people and tell them how much better there lives would be if they joined.