Jenna K

Want To Help The Country by Your Actions?! Come To This Meeting!

-Do YOU want to help save the country and save citizens who aren't as equal as us? We want to end slavery. All people should be equal in The United States! There should be no borderline for slave states and we need to show other people this, Come join us at this meeting so we can discuss our different ideas, we plan to hold different campaigns to raise our money and also help Harriet Tubman in the Underground Railroad Movement!

- This meeting will be held July 8th at 9pm in the address 800 Washington Road, Parlin, NJ 08859

- At this meeting there will be refreshments such as tea and other diffrent foods.

- This meeting is a great idea if you don't like slavery.

"Help Save The Country" Meeting!

Friday, July 8th 1853 at 9pm

800 Washington Road, Parlin, NJ 08859

- This building is a large building and you will enter through the front doors of the building and you will go to the cafe, there will be staff there direct you there to.

Agenda for the Meeting.

9pm to 9:30 - Will be getting everything started and to get all the people to gather.

9:30 pm to 10:30 pm - Discuss our diffrent ideas to raise money.

10:30 pm to 11:15 pm - Refreshments.

11:15 pm to 11:45 pm - If anyone wants to speak out and they have personal ideas they will share, - presentations.

11:45 - 12:00 - Start To Gather People Out.