National Medical Justice Club

Is now coming to Rick Hansen!

National Medical Injustice Medical Club

Friday, June 17th, 6pm

1150 Dream Crest Road

Mississauga, ON

-Bring your friends, parents and family

-At these meetings we will discuss what we can do to prevent social injustices in our healthcare system not only in Canada but around the world

-Representatives from the Ontario HealthCare system will be present

Why We Should Do This

-Black people are more likely to die in the same healthcare systems as white people, this can be up to three times more for black babies

-This is prevalent in major cities including NEW YORK

-Social class in the world determines whether or not you receive adequate healthcare

-Higher class health systems do next to nothing to help lower class systems

-The healthcare system in third world countries also oppress women, failing to provide them with basic medication just because they are women

-This can all be stopped if people can pay attention to these issues

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How Do We Know If We Won The Battle

-We will know when this is no longer an issue when everyone receives the same healthcare without any type of prejudice. People should not be worried about their skin colour when going to the doctors office. People in all countries should be receiving the same level of healthcare that we do. Women should receive AIDS treatment just as much as men and men should also be taught how to prevent it. This will all take a while, so the first step in this is to teach doctors how to fight this with the same effort they do for diseases.