Spain and the United States

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SPAIN: Spain's capital is Madrid, and Spain's flag (Bandera Es Spana) The flag represents strength, as the symbol of the lions represent.

UNITED STATES: Spain's capital is Washington, D.C. The United States' flag does have a meaning behind it- The stars stand for the fifty states, and the thirteen stripes for the thirteen original colonies.

The Flags


SPAIN: Spain lays on the continent of Europe, Spain also has the Pyrenees Mountains (a landform), the Royal Palace of Madrid is one of Spain's landmarks, borders the Mediterranean Sea, and has a Mediterranean climate. This climate would make an average temperature, making it easy to adapt to, and easy to work in.

The United States


SPAIN: Spain has four kinds of Governments; Constitutional Monarchy, Parliamentary System, Unitary State and Monarchy. Spain's King (as of 2015) is King Felipe VI of Spain, and their Prime Minister is Mariano Rajoy.

AMERICA: America has three kinds of government: Presidential System, Federal Republic, and Constitutional Republic. Barack Obama is the leader (president) as of now, and Presidents are elected by the citizens, due to their kind of government (Limited).


SPAIN: Spain is a good economy, with a GDP of $1.407 trillion, a literacy rate of 98.1%, and a life expectancy of 81.57 years. Spain uses euros as currency.

THE UNITED STATES: The U.S. (United States) has a great economy, with a GDP of $17.35 trillion, a literacy rate of 99%, and a life expectancy of 79.68 years. The United States used dollars as currency.


SPAIN: In Spain, they wear similar things America does. The most common language spoken in Spain is Espanol, and some of the holidays celebrated in Spain are Constitution Day, (December 7) Immaculate Conception Day, (December 8) and Christmas (December 25).

AMERICA: In America, the traditional clothing (depending on season) is often short-sleeved shirts and pants. (See AMERICA'S definition.) The Major languages spoken in America is English and Espanol, and the major Holidays are New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, '' April Fools '' Day, Easter, Halloween, Veteran's Day, Christmas and Hanukkah.


SPAIN: The Spanish-American War (December 10, 1898) and the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) were two big events in Spain's history.

AMERICA: The Bombing of Pearl Harbor, (December 7, 1941) and The Fall of the Twin Towers (November 11, 2001) were two big events that changed America forever. Pear Harbor caused America to fight in the war, and the Twin Towers caused people to stop trusting, and changed Airlines' (Especially American Airlines) rules to get on a plane forever.


Spain and America (similarities): Both countries have a meaning behind their flags, metaphorically and physically. Spain and America (the United States) have a close literacy rate, (98.1% and 99%) and they both wear similar kinds of clothes, like short-sleeved shirts and shorts.

Spain and America (differences): Both countries are located on different continents, and both have different GDP levels. But despite their differences, they are both brilliant countries- one in North America, and one in Europe.

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