The Beginning of Hercules

Zeus fell in love with the goddess Alcmene. When Alcmene's husband was away, Zeus got her pregnant. Hera got very mad at Zeus so she tried to destroy the baby. When she gave birth to the baby she named it Hercules. She tried to kill the baby again after it was born by sending snakes after it but before they could kill baby Hercules, he choked them all to death.


When Hercules grew up he married Magra. They had two kids and were very happy. Then Hera sent Hercules into a raging fit and he killed Magara and the two children. When Hercules relized what he had done he asked the god Apollo to rid him of his sins. Apollow sent Hercules to the town of Tiryns. The king of Tiryns is Eurystheus and he had a reputation of being really rude. Eurystheus told Hercules that he had to do twelve tasks. Hercules had agreed to the tasks.

Hercules's Tasks

His first task was to kill the Nemean Lion. The king had asked for the skin. Hercules went to the village of Cleonaew where he stayed with Molorchus overnight. The next day Hercules went to Nemea to track the lion. Once he found the lion he shot arrows at it to try to kill it, but his arrows were useless against it. He approached the lion and with his bare arm he choked the lion to death. He didnt mind the cut marks on his arm from the claws of the lion. Then brought him to the king.
His next task was to kill the Lernean Hydra. This time he didn't go alone. He took his nephew with him. when he got to the Swamp of Lerna. He went to the Hydra's home and shot flaming arrows at it to lure it out. When it came out it coiled around his leg so he could not move. He chopped one of the heads off and more grew back in its place. The Hydra was not alone. It had a huge crab to help it kill Hercules. Once Hercules killed the crab he told his nephew to hold a flame to every head he chopped the head off so no more would grow back in its place. Once he killed it he took one of his arrows and dipped it in the blood and brought that to the king.
He had ten more tasks to complete before he became immortal. The last ten were The Hide of Ceryneia Dear, The Erymanthian Boar, The Augean Stables, The Stymphalian Birds, The Cretan Bll, The Horse of Diomedes, The Hippolytes Belt, The Cattle of Geryon, The Apples of The Hesperides, and last but not least the Cerberus.
Once he finished the tasks, he got married again to Deianria. After the wedding she gave him a cloak that she had woven herself. she got a centaur to put a magic spell on it that would make Hercules love her forever. The Centaur cursed it instead with an long painful death. When he put it on he immediatly began to burn with excruciating pain. He tried to pull it off but it burned more and more. He finally decided that he would want to die on Mount Oeta. Up there he had his fueneral and his last words were, " This pain was much worse than death".