Memory Loss

What causes memory loss?


  • head injurys
  • alcohol tobaco and drugs
  • not enough oxygen
  • not healthy
  • being old


  • cocoa can cause memory loss
  • when getting old you start losing memory
  • amnesia is a type of memory loss
  • when your old you start to lose memory
  • “Nothing can last forever. There isn't any memory, no matter how intense, that doesn't fade out at last.” ― Juan Rulfo


  • not enough sleep
  • can't remeber anything
  • stay home and rest
  • get help and try to remember the usual


  • Sleep better and a litttle more
  • stay active so you dont start to lose memory, when older
  • if you speack too many languages it might cause you to lose memory
  • socialize regularly, get organized
  • eat a healthy diet


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Final Thoughts

I learned that not only elder people lose there memory but there is many more reasons on how you can lose your memory, you can lose your memory when your young too.You have to be careful on what you do and what you eat.