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The Four Questions

1. What will our world look like in 20 years?

2. What skills are needed to be successful in this future?

3. What does high-quality learning look & feel like?


Create a poster, mostly visual, that respresents your group's answer to:

4. If learning was designed around our responses to the questions above, what would that look like?



What Learning should look like

Post your group's picture on this Padlet

Learning Processes

With your partner, please prepare a visual (bonus points for digital) that will allow you to share key points of your assigned "big chunk"

1. The 5E Model by Jay & Clay
2. TEKS Process Skills across content/grade levels (from Lead4Ward) by James, Melissa & Maria
  • Math/Science
3. TEKS Process Skills across content/grade levels (from Lead4Ward) by Greg, Jeff & Melissa
  • Social Studies/Reading
4. Framework for 21st Century Learning by Donna & Deanne
5. More TEKS Process Skills (from Lead4Ward) by Jon & Carey6. SAMR model by Gale & Keely

7. TPACK model by Judy & Jackie

8. LoTi's H.E.A.T. Framework by Cathy & Gayla

9. Gaming in Education by Dianne & Camerryn

Homework Padlet - Learning Processes

Add you homework to this Padlet so that all can see.

Focus Goals

REFINING OUR GOALS - affinity diagram