A Tourist's Guide To Paradise

A Tourist perfect guide to visiting the best countries in Europe! This guide will show you the "hot spots" of the three best countries in Europe, you will learn all the information you would need to know before traveling anywhere! This flyer is so informative that you'll wish you had one just to travel around your own home town! Travel with us through Europe as we show how to have the most fun wherever you go, you will never have a dull moment on your trip.


  • Iceland is a Constitutional Republic.
  • The best Historical Monument to see there is, Bjarg in Midfjordur
  • There most famous landmarks are the Helka Volcano, Golden Falls and Azure Blue Hot Pool.
  • They can be known for there Geothermal Energy.
  • Some famous foods there are Sheep's head Lamb, Pickled Lamb and Shark.
  • They are mostly Luthern Christians.
  • There Currency is the Kronur which when you have 125.08 you have $1 in America.
  • There population was last recorded at 315,281 people.
  • They get there majority of there money through fishing and fish processing.
  • They speak Icelandic, English, Nordic and Fierman.
  • They are located in Norhtern Europe, in between Greenland Sea and the Atlantic Ocean
  • The most common Author there is, Haldor Kiljan Laxness. They listen to Classical Opera, Jazz and Contemporary.
  • The Climate is mild, windy winters, and damp, cool summers.
  • There Land is made of Plateau's interspersed with Mountain Peaks, and Ice Fields.
  • There most famous brands are Sky Graphics, Mr. Destiney, and Icelandair.


  • Ireland is a Republic