The Man Who Changed It All!

By: Christina Denis

What Was Mansa Musa Like?

Mansa Musa was an African, Emperor, King of the Mali Empire. He was a rich and wealthy man. His people ave trust in him. He spread "The Teachings of Islamic Faith" to others.

FUN FACT; Mansa Musa's Father, was Faga Laye.

How Did Mansa Musa Get So Wealthy?

First, Mansa Musa's fame was due to the fact, his pilgrimage to Mecca ( Hajj). Although, his wealth was from the "Salt and Gold Production." With all that money and power, that he had, he had promoted: fantastic Education, pleasant Trade, and commerce in Mali.

FUN FACT; Mansa Musa was worth $400 billion.

How Did Mansa Musa Get Through Mecca?

Meanwhile, he had traveled to Mecca ( Hajj). Mansa Musa bought some assitence to help him along the way. He had brought; Government Officials, Architects, Scholars, (etc). To help Mansa MUsa to his pilgrimage to Mecca. This changed everything, that's when he started "The Caste System."

FUN FACT; This journey had lasted; 1324-1325

What Was Mansa Musa's Main Goal In Life?

For instance, his main goal in life was to teach. Teach about, and encourage the knowledge of the Islamic Religion. By bringing, knowledge and spreading the teachings of the Islamic Religion. He was also well-known for spreading; outstanding Education, pleasant Trade, and commerce in the Mali Empire.

What Did Mansa Musa Go Through?

Mansa Musa accomplishments in his life. He was was well-known for, his wealth and power. He hadf promoted; Trade, Commerce, and Education, (etc). He encouraged Religion, by bringing knowledge and Islamic faith. On the other hand, Mansa Musa's Predecessor had killed him. His people were devestated, when they heard the heart- breaking news. Mansa Musa's accomplishments and achievements, will forever stay......

Died; 1337 in Mali