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Headlining news

Interview with Mark Trader by Joseph Coker regarding his fight. This can be a link with picture.

Story of an evolution of a fighter. I watched trader tito ortiz someone for 3 rounds then rnc him in the fourth. It's good sign when a fighter can out wrestle a wrestler one fight and stifle a bjj players guard the next. 2-2 for the night. Congrats to all students at newbreed and fighters in conflict. We have ups and downs at the highest stages and the local scenes but we grow and get better bottom line. Congrats @mark.trader

Team Updates

Mark your calendars!

Sunday Wrestling at 1pm with the Citadel's assistant wrestling Coach Ivan Lopouchanski

Fundamentals every class Tues. Thurs. 7:30pm - First class is free to new students!

Strength and Conditioning Mon, Wed, Fri 5:30pm


Newbreed tournament, Columbia

Danica "The Danimal" Zenyhe Gold and silver

Clay Lundy double gold and double gold at NAGA

Anthony Williams Gold and Gold in no-gi

Nick Jaksa Silver

Antonio Lott Bronze

IBJJF tournament, Atlanta

Allan Hernandez Gold and Silver

John Mckevitt Gold

Miami Open, Miami

Graham Gold and received silver in Charlotte

Richard Waring Silver

John Mckevitt Gold and silver


Mark Trader is now the 145lbs Champion

Ivan took the win by Armbar

Anna and Women's Muay Thai

Will add something about Anna and Women's Muay Thai

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ATT Seminars

Seminar recap: We had a great slew of seminars from the best in their class. BJJ and MMA Heroes All!

Brian Mahecha, black belt under Jonatas Gurgel and top athlete in the BJJ feather weight, division taught a grappling seminar at ATT Lowcountry in ____________. Students who attended had a unique opportunity to learn ____________________. Students may not have realized that they were being taught by someone who not only travels the globe to teach grappling, but were taught by a cancer survivor who overcame the disease to become one of the sport's leading athletes.Brian is a truly inspirational guy and we are so forunate to count him as our friend.

Tanner Rice
, a black belt under Reubens Cobrinha Charles, earned his rank at just 19 after winning the 2012 IBJJF world title. Tanner, after defeating two of the most respected BJJ athletes, Tanquinho Mendes and Megaton Dias, became widely acknowledged as one of the most formidable athletes in his division.

Lam Chuwattana - On September 29, we were so fortunate to have Lamsongkram Chuwattana AKA Suphachai Jansod visit ATT Lowcountry and teach a Muay Thai seminar. Lam is the current Rajadamnern Middleweight Champion, former WBC World Middleweight Muay Thai champion, and has earned six championship belts in his career.

Lam trains athletes at the highest level at Tiger Muay Thai and in select gyms around the the globe, including Georges St-Pierre. It was truly an honor to have such an amazing teacher come to our academy.

Jason Kelly - On September 17th, Jason Kelley, ATT wrestling coach and professional combatives instructor for our military, visited our gym and gave an amazing seminar on combining wrestling with striking and grappling. Jason shared his 25 years in wrestling as a competitor and coach (All-Americans, Olympic Team members, World Wrestling Championships, Pan American Wrestling Championships, multiple Abu Dhabi champions, and elite ATT fighters) with an enthusiastic group of ATT Lowcountry students.

Ricardo Liborio - Soon we will have exciting news to share about my personal mentor and professor, the founder of American Top Team, Ricardo Liborio!

Coming soon

Women's Self Defense coming soon - Sunday's at 11:30am.

American Top Team Kids News

Anti Bullying

While October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, anti-bullying is something we work on every week. Parents can reinforce these lessons at home:

No one deserves to be bullied!

If you are bullied, tell someone. Tell a friend. Tell a trusted adult. Telling is NOT tattling.
Don’t skip school or avoid friends, sports or clubs because you’re afraid of the bully. You have a right to be there.

Kids wrestling with Coach Ivan

What an amazing opportunity kids have to learn wrestling with Coach Ivan Lopouchanski!

Ivan is The Citadel’s assistant wrestling coach. He is a former Purdue University varsity wrestler. At Purdue, Ivan qualified for the NCAA National Championships in 2012 and 2013. He held an overall record of 122-32 and earned his spot as an All-American in 2013.

Ivan also earned Academic All-America status in 2013, becoming just the third grappler in Purdue history to earn both All-America honors in a single season.

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Holiday Super Sale

Starting December 2nd!