Katherine Sui Fun Cheung

By Brittany Engel

Daredevil Pilot

First Female Asian American Commercial Airline Pilot

  • Born 1904 Canton, China
  • Came to America 1921 age 17
  • Attended Music school (U of So Cal)
  • Married in 1924
  • Took private plane ride 1931
  • Received pilot license 1932
Katherine Sui Fun Cheung

"I wanted to fly, so that's what I did."

  • Aerobatics open cockpit fleet ('33-'37)
  • Competitive air races
  • Womens's International Association of Aeronautics
  • the Ninety-Nine's
  • Friends with Amelia Earhart
Teaser Clip from "Aviatrix: The Katherine Sui Fun Cheung Story"
  • China invaded by Japan
  • Attempted to return to China to open flight school
  • Person dies in training airplane crash
  • Promises dying father never to fly again


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