Grade 1d News

17 March, 2016

This week in 1D

Dear Parents,

This week has involved completing our 'Opinion Writing' and 'Animals and Plants' units. We have also finalized a short unit on Measurement and Data in Math. In this week's photo folder you can see students enjoying surveying each other about their preferences and opinions, amongst other things. You can also find the work your children have produced in bookclubs, organizing information from other sources into illustrated books, which they have narrated onto videos. Enjoy!

No homework will be given this week, due to Spring Break. Please feel free to continue with RAZ-Kids or IXL math, though.

Don't forget, 1D will travel to the Museum of Islamic Art on Monday 21st March, so students will need to come to school prepared on that day. It should be a great day.

Best regards,


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Coming Events in 1D and LES


March 21st - 1st Grade Field Trip to MIA


March 25-April 4 - Spring Break

April - Poetry Month

April 5 - Full-day of school, 3pm dismissal

April 8 - ASD Fun Day

April 21 - Arabic Concert, 7:30pm

April 26-28 - Used Book Sale

April 27-28- Student-Led Conferences- Portfolio Day

May 1-17 - PK-12 Art Show

May 3 - PTA Faculty/Staff Appreciation Lunch

May 8 - 1st Grade Writer’s Café

May 12 - 5th Grade Play

May 17 - KG Music Concert

May 19 - Volunteer Breakfast

May 22 - No School for Students, Teacher Professional Development

May 24 - Full-day of school, 3pm dismissal

May 26 - Assistant Appreciation Lunch

June 5 - Step-Up Day

June 7 - Full-day of school, 3pm dismissal

June 9 - Last Day Assembly

June 9 - Last Day of School, Report Cards go home

Field Trip

Please remember the First Grade field trip to the Museum of Islamic Art. 1D will travel on Monday 21st

Your child will need:

· Water bottle

· Packed snack

· Packed lunch

· Comfortable close-toed athletic shoes

· Hat

· Wear sunscreen

On the trip, students will need to take their snacks and their lunches. Students are not allowed to purchase food or any items at the museum and the school will not be providing lunch. Students should bring hats, wear close-toed athletic shoes (as we will be walking around outside (weather permitting), and wear sunscreen. Each student will be responsible for his/her belongings on the trip. We will have a basket to hold onto the belongings at the museum.

Dragon Bands - A Note From The LES Office

Dear Parents,

Over the past few months, we have been keeping track of the amount of Dragon Wristbands that are coming back to us, broken. We have also been looking closely at the normal wear and tear of the wristbands and the actual damage that is occurring.

Closer inspection of the broken wristbands and observation in the classroom has revealed that a high amount of wristbands are being intentionally damaged. This happens when a student has been playing with it, chewing/biting it, picking at the back of the wristband where the magnetic disk is and removing it, cutting it with the clasp part of a lanier, cutting it with scissors, picking the top part of the wristband so that the magnetic disk pops out, stretching it until it snaps, continually snapping it or pulling it, playing with it with friends – a ‘tug of war’ type of scenario, etc.

With the sheer amount coming back to us damaged in this way, we have come to the decision to start charging QR 50.00 to the student’s Dragon Wristband account for a replacement. Of course, we will pre-inspect all bands prior to issuance to verify no faulty or material design flaw is present that has contributed to the wristband being torn or broken. And of course, if a wristband has simply stopped working, the wristband will be replaced at no charge.

The Dragon Wristband needs to be regarded and treated as school property – the same as a library book or school-issued computer/camera, etc. Students have been issued a first wristband at no charge and are expected to treat it with the same care as a library book or classroom property. We would like to ask you, as parents, to have a conversation with your child about the importance of taking care of their Dragon Wristband.

Thank you for your kind cooperation and understanding with this matter.

Math Drop In

Mrs. Little will continue to host her Lower Elementary parent drop in / office hour every Wednesday from 2:00 – 3:00pm. She will be available at this time every week to assist parents who need further information about our Math program or who would like help / suggestions with how to support their children at home. It will be held in Ms. Mindy Martin’s office.

Report Cards

By now you should have received your child's report card for Trimester 2. It is very rewarding as a teacher to see how each student is progressing. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about these report-card comments and grades.

Parent Letters for new units

This week there are parent letters being sent home electronically this week, as well as a hard copy of the math letter.

Please use this link to find letters for:

  • Math
  • Writing
  • Sciecne


This week we continuing to work on our word attack and monitoring strategies to fully comprehend what we read:

  • Readers always do whatever it takes to understand the books they read. Readers always check in with themselves, asking, ‘Did I get it?’ If you find yourself not 'getting it' —on a page, in a part, or even at the end of the whole book—you reread to make sure you understand the whole book better.

  • Partners can help each other do their very best smooth reading. Partners can say to each other, ‘Why don’t you go back and read that part again?’ or ‘Let’s read that part together and make our voices really smooth.’


We are starting our new unit in writing on Poetry:

  • introduction to poetry
  • what do we notice about poetry
  • Poet's eyes
  • a poet vs. a scientist
  • ideas for poetry


We are starting a new unit in Geometry:

  • I can name shapes. I can make pictures with shapes.
  • I can find and name two dimensional shapes including trapezoid, rhombus and square as a special rectangle.
  • I can find and name three-dimensional shapes based on defining attributes like faces and points.


We are starting on a new unit on Matter:

  • What are solids?
  • What are words that describe solids?
  • Where do we find solids?
  • What can we use solids for?