Helen of Troy

Daughter of Zeus

Story of Helen

Helen (Daughter of Zeus) was kidnapped by Theseus, King of Athens, because he wanted to have sex with one of Zeus's daughters. He chose Helen because of her remarkable beauty. Theseus, however, left Helen in the care of his mother. While Theseus was away, Helen's brother and half brother, Polydeuces and Castor, rescued her and they returned to Sparta.

Trojan War

Helen and Paris, Prince of Troy, went back to troy. King Menelaus, King of Sparta, sent his men to Troy to take Helen back, but they could break down the walls surrounding Troy. So Odysseus made a plan to make a extremly large horse for certain men to hide in and the rest sailed away to make it look like they surrendered. Then, when the Trojan's brought the horse inside the walls. Odysseus and his men waited there until night, when they could attack them. They killed all men in Troy and took Helen to sail home to Sparta.

Other Facts

- Daughter of Zeus and Leda

- Trojan War lasted 10 years

- Immortal


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