BY: Angel C.S


P= 99.33 x 100=99,300 Pa

V= 65/1000 = 0.065 m3

T= 25 + 273= 298 K

pV =RT

(99,300)(0.065) = n(8314)(298)

6464.5 = n(2477.572)

n = 2.61 mol

The Compounds that creates the chemical reactions.

2NaN3(s) ---> 2Na (s) + 3N2(g)Sodium Azide, Sodium, and Nitrogen.

Substances produced during the chemical reaction.

Sodium azide, Sodium, and Nitrogen

A handful (130 grams) of Sodium azide will produce 67 liters of nitrogen gas and sodium azide falls apart in Na, or Sodium

Where does the energy come from?

The car has sensors that triggers the airbag when you crash. The sensor well then trigger the inflator and deploys the airbag.


The National Highway Traffic Safety

Administration (NHTSA) estimates that airbags

installed in automobiles have saved more than

10,000 lives as of January 2004.

NHTSA has also confirms that 238 people have been killed by airbags in the year 1990 through 2003.