Glass Library Staff Newsletter

February 2016

Collaborative Efforts

Here are some of the lessons that were created and taught in January:

  • How to cite sources in MLA format and how to format a Google doc to Mr. Bowling's College Comp classes
  • How to create a Noodletools account and type a rough outline into Noodletools to Mrs. Wolk's and Mrs. McCormick's advanced 9th grade English classes

Other collaborative efforts for the month of January included:

  • Checking-out AP Physics textbooks to students at the request of their long-term sub
  • Locating and pulling books for Mrs. Wolk's and Mrs. McCormick's advanced 9th grade English independent reading assignment
  • Attending a PLC meeting to discuss Noodletools research with Mrs. Wolk and Mrs. McCormick
  • Providing a location for students to SOL test on desktop computers
  • Ordering books requested by students and teachers
  • Exchanging 6th edition AP Comparative Government textbooks with 7th edition textbooks
  • Exchanging textbooks for college Pre-Calculus and Trig/Functions
  • Assigning AP Latin textbooks for second semester
  • Creating an EdPuzzle for the world history I teachers pertaining to the Cyrillic alphabet

Please let us know if we can help you in any way.

Upcoming Schedule Changes

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The library will be closed for SOL testing on:

Monday, February 1

Wednesday, February 3

Monday, February 8

The library will also be closed for National History Day on Thursday, February 4 and Friday, February 5. If you have a chance, come check out the projects our students created.

Overdrive eBooks

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We have purchase more books through Overdrive. If you would , we can provide you free eBooks through our Overdrive account. Simply visit to download a book from our digital collection. Your employee ID acts as your library card number. Please let us know if you need help.

Extended Hours

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Please remember that Mrs. Wise will be keeping the library open until 5:00 on Wednesdays for students who need to use the library's resources or need a place to use Wi-Fi. We wanted to remind you that this opportunity was available to all students.

Library Usage for January

Unfortunately due to SOL testing and snow days, the library was only open to patrons for a total of 7.5 days in January. This limited schedule is reflected in our library usage for the month. We had 462 patrons who logged into the computer in the library and we were able to serve 140 students by going to classrooms when the library was closed.

Please continue to login and ask students to login so that our data is as accurate as possible. Thank you!

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Circulation Statistics

Even though the library was only opened for 7.5 days in January, we still circulated 656 items. The number of textbooks we checked out increased with the beginning of second semester as students switched out the textbooks they needed for first semester with the textbooks they needed for second semester.
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