Yoga Mula Vidya

The Secret Techniques of Yoga


The secret fundamentals of Yoga, which are not easily available at one place. Abhilash expounds these secrets in great detail with lucidity. It’s a boon for any serious practitioner or teacher of Yoga.

Contact Details:

Abhilash C Mouli
Phone: +91-8861214550

2 Week Free Workshop

Monday, July 28th, 7pm

Vontikoppal 6th Cross Rd

Mysore, Karnataka


 Balancing Vata Pitta Kapha through Asanas
 To develop Prajna through Yoga Nidra
 To cultivate a Strong Pranic Body
 To enable Nadis for Shakti Chalana (Movement of energy)
 Inductive awakening of Kundalini


 Asanas for Vata Pitta Kapha
 Yoga Nidra
 Pranayama
 Agama Karma Dhyana
 Guru Nadi Kriya, Gandhari Nadi Kriya
 Sahaja Pranayama
 Shakti Chalana
 Kundalini Pranayama
 Discussions on actual, lost meanings of Yama, Niyama, Yoga Philosophy etc.
 Practical Yoga application

Other Activities
On Weekends
Keertan/Satsung Session