19 / 20 Busing Information

Our plans for this year!

We are in the final stages of preparation for the upcoming school year, which we are so excited about. This newsletter shares with you our transportation plans for 19/20. Below are the times and locations our bus routes will be running. In order for us to be as prepared as possible, I am asking you to CONTACT THE OFFICE IMMEDIATELY to let us know your child will be riding. Please call 308-687-6475 and let us know. Even if it may not be regularly, we need the best count we can get at this time! (If we don't answer, please leave a message.) We do greatly appreciate it. We want to be as prepared as possible.

Possible Options:

  • Every Day (Morning and Evening)
  • Every Day (Morning only)
  • Every Day (Evening only)
  • Sometimes (Once or Twice a week)
  • Occasionally (Once a month, etc.)

This will really help! These routes will begin on day 1, August 15, 2019.

We can't wait to get started!

Mr. Herzberg

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Attached Letter!

Please look at the attached letter that is filled with very important information. We are asking you to return the letter to school as soon as you can. We will have copies available at Open House on August 14th as well. We are also asking you to call the office (308-687-6475) NOW at this point if your child will be riding the bus. This will help us inform the bus company about the number of students riding on day 1.

Bus Guidelines and Expectations

In the attached letter below are the bus guidelines and expectations set by Holiday Tour and Travel, which we fully support and will hold our students accountable to. Please visit with your children about these prior to the start of the year. I will be sending home paper copies of this letter for you and your student to sign and return within the first week of school.

Blessed Scarament Church (518 State Street)

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