Hardware and Software flyer


The part of a computer that is fixed and cannot be altered without replacement or physical modification. For example a mouse is a piece of hardware because it can be touched and is a input to the computer.

Types of hardware:

Input device-Inputs give instructions to the machine.

Output device-They use an input devices instructions.

storage device- They allow for programmes to be stored in the computer.

Examples of inputs:

keyboard -used to write. An example where it might be used it can write on Microsoft word to create text. A keyboard is very similar to buttons because you click them and they input a command which the computer carries out, however the key board is more advanced as it uses more buttons and inputs more information from the buttons and the keyboard allow you to select more letters than just one button which you have to select each time.

mouse -used to click and select things.

button -used to choose or select something.

scanner -used to scan sheets and other things.

graphics tablet -to design logos and things like that.

Examples of outputs:

printers - uses things on the computer and prints them on paper. For example uses the input from a mouse and computer software to print it out on paper.

lights-uses commands to make light.

projector -uses commands to project pictures on to a surface.

motor -spins around to power machines.

headphones -use music on the computer and plays it through mini speakers.


Software is the programs and other operating information used by a computer, it is called software because it can't be physically touched. A example of software is Microsoft word because it is a programme on a computer and can be physically touched.

Types of software:

programmes- an app that can be used to do something on the computer.

operating systems- These make the computer run and function.

Examples of operating systems:

IOS(for apple)



Examples of programmes:

Microsoft word -used to write documents.

Instagram - A social media app used to view pictures and chat.

Facebook - a social media app a bit like instagram.

Angry birds - A game where you fire flying birds.

Python - a programming app.