The hungriest beaver alive

Hi i'm Mr.Beaver.I like wood

The kids wanted to come in my wooden home. I let them in because I knew they could not make it in winter because they're sons of Adam and daughters of Eve. Heres a picture of me.

I'm happy the kids liked it.

The children said they liked my dam but I didn't think it was that good toough.Apperently they liked it.

Heres the children

Heres Edmund he was on the witches side but Aslan fixed him.

This is Mrs.Beaver my wife.The evil white witch.Also Aslan the leader of Narnia.

My favorite quote.

Mrs.Beaver said youve been sneaking second helpings havent you?I said you never know whats going to be your last meal espacaily with your cooking.

My favorite website!

My role in the story.

I helped the kids find Aslan and Edmound!

By: Morgan