Physical Fitness In Schools

Stop childhood obesity. Make it mandatory.


Children all around the world are obese due to not having physical fitness at school. For thousands of years, people everywhere have been exercising. Physical fitness is a way people clear and quiet their mind, like they did in Ancient India. Also, in Ancient China they believed exercise prevented illnesses. Active people were found healthier than non active people, in Ancient China (Levchuck 86). If physical fitness was mandatory in schools there would be a dramatic decrease in obesity and it improves physical and mental health.

Decrease Child Obesity and Improves Physical and Mental Health

Educating the Student Body: Taking Physical Activity and Physical Education to School

Physical Education Is Great


To conclude, decrease in obesity and physical and mental health improvement can all be done by making physical fitness in schools mandatory. Considering over nine-million children are over weight exercise is very important and should be required to have physical fitness at school. To add on, without exercise you have a higher risk of disease. Stop the risk of disease, stop obesity make physical fitness mandatory.

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