historypin photo project

Find photos, discover history, and share stories

Step One: Find Old Photos

Ask family and friends to find interesting photos from the past. Photos can be of any era, either a significant memory, an event, a part of family, local or world history. Something that sparks a conversation. Photo(s) will need to have accurate date and location information when pinning to www.historypin.com and your permission. We will discuss them at school and imagine what we think is going on. Interviews will come the following week so that we can compare what we gleaned from the photo and what facts we learned from the interview. Email or send in by January 20, 2014.

Step Two: Fact Finding Interviews

Students interview owners of photographs. This is an exciting stage to see what thread we might find between photos and how best to curate our group of histories. Parents can help arrange interviews for students or be interviewed. We hope to compare what we thought of the photo, first impression, to what we learn about the facts. We will then be ready to write the story and share it. Attached is an example of the interview questions that you can use at this stage. Interviews week of January 21-26th. Bring to school on Jan 27th.

Step Three: Sharing on Historypin

Send in photos of your photos

You can take a photo of your photo, no need to send in precious originals. Email pics to wildflowerhistorypin@gmail.com


  • Try to fill the frame with as much of the photo as you can, you may have to choose to crop a portion.
  • outside light, in a shadow, is the best light, nice and even.
  • send it as a large file but does not have to be original size for good resolution
  • location and date is important for pinning