1P Newsletter

Term 4

Week 1


Welcome Back

Hi everyone, welcome back!

What a busy term ahead! We will be studying a history unit called 'The Past in the Present'. Mrs Munn will be teaching our science unit 'Watch it Grow', as well as library lessons. These will occur on Thursdays. Some of the class will be attending the swim school at Corrimal pool during weeks 4 and 5. Kindergarten and 1P will be attending a kite day at Stanwell Park, as well as participating in a variety of exciting end of year activities.

Touch Footy

We will have touch footy during the first three Tuesdays of this term. Please wear sport uniforms on these days if possible. In class we will continue to use GoNoodle as active lesson breaks and short and sweet 7 minute workouts will be introduced.

Swim Scheme

Swim scheme will be commencing for some children in our class during weeks 4 and 5 this term. More information on what to bring/wear will be given shortly.


Homework will begin next week. A reminder, as always, that children can do as much as they can. The worksheets will be handed out on Fridays to be returned the following Friday.


We are becoming better at coding. All of the children now know how to create a block of code to move sphero forwards and backwards without hitting anything and to change it's speed to go slowly!


We have had lots of fun with this new ipad application.

Regards, Kerrie

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