About Me

Katina mose

What do I want to be when I grow up

What do I want to be when I grow up is that I want to be singer why because that's my dream and hope I want to be like Whitney houston.It could take a while when I grow but what's the whole point of dreaming when it dose not come true but still u could take dreaming to a new level.

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What does family mean to me

Family means every thing to me why because my mum always nice and careful with every thing we eat together we go shopping together we do everything together.My brother typical boys play and play well my brother is just boring he can't do anything useful because he is so lazy like some boys I know of why because all his life he will be so lazy he can't get up and just pick up rubbish u know how some do there chores and some don't bother well my brother sleeps and u know what I have to do do it all for him what a waste of time eg clean the rooms,do the washing up,clean up the floor well that's all I could say about my brother David Mose .Lucky last my dad Mose that's where all are second sames come from my dad well he could be a little boring I mean alot for a old man my dad always say keep trying even if u can't make it.my dad is a sports fan and a tele person and could be a little bit a pain sometimes well that's all that I can say about my family

Beyonce Fan

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