Stuart Dybeck

Stuart Dybeck

Stuart Dybeck is a legendary short story teller. In his poems he references his native Chicago, for irony to show the street life and help you capture an image of what he is speaking.


A man steps out of sunlight,

Sunlight that streams like grace,

Still gaping at the blue sky

stacked across the emptiness of space,

into a history where shadows

assume a hidden face.

A man slips into silence

that begins as a cry,

Still trailing music

although reduced to the sigh

of an accordion

as it fold into its case.

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Theme Of The Poem

The poem talks about a street performer that is playing music and no one is listening. In the poem it says"A man slips into silence that begins as a cry" ,showing that the man who is playing is lonely and no one cares about what he is doing.
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6-year-old dances to street performer in Chicago