2015 Year in Review

Alyssa Leal

Three Biggest Entertainment Stories

1. Bruce Jenner becomes Caitlyn Jenner: Olympian Bruce Jenner decided to undergo a gender change and become Caitlyn Jenner.

2. Zayn Leaves One Direction: Popular British boy band, One Direction, loses member Zayn Malik to have a private life

3. Saint West: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have a son and name him Saint West.

Three Biggest Sports Stories

1. FIFA Scandal: The president of FIFA resigned after a scandal of corruption within the company.

2. Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: Floyd Mayweather beats Manny Pacquiao in long awaited boxing match.

3. Abby Wambach Retires: Abby Wambach of the United States Women's National Soccer Team retires after 15 years with highest number of goals scored in international soccer.

Two Best and Two Worst Products


1. Apple Watch

2. iPhone 6S


1. Wubble Bubble

2. Hoverboard

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Two Best Movies

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Marketed by being an addition to the older movies which were very popular and well-liked.

2. Ant-Man: Marketed by being a new Marvel movie with a humorous side that was not a part of the Avengers movies.

Two Best Musical Artists

1. Adele: "Hello" reaches number one. Music was highly anticipated and well marketed.

2. Justin Bieber: "Sorry" and "Love Yourself" reach number two and three. With his large fan base and pre-ordered albums, his songs rose to the top.

Five Influential Public Figures

1. Abby Wambach: With the most goals scored in international soccer history, Wambach retires from the game that she changed for all others.

2. Emma Watson: Her HeforShe campaign speech on feminism inspired thousands of people to view women in a more equal way.

3. Donald Trump: While his influence is not a positive one, he has gotten into many people's heads and caused them to perceive certain people are dangerous and not as American.

4. Kim Kardashian: With a widely popular show, extravagant lifestyle, and her famous family, she has influenced many teens and young adults just by being so famous and well-known.

5. Barack Obama: Being the president of the United States, everything he does and says on behalf of the country is known nationwide. He influences how Americans live and he influences other countries with our international relations.

New Year's Resolutions

1. I will eat fruits and vegetables every day.

2. I will help my family by helping clean every day.

3. I will start playing soccer again.