AnHS Library News and Resources

April 2020

Links to School Closure Parent Newsletters

COVID-19 Resources Newsletter

Student resources newsletter sent out in March - Provides Chromebook repair information and provides links to all database and electronic resources from our Library, plus links to free eBooks, audiobooks, and more.

AnHS Library News April 2020

April Parent newsletter - Provides links to new database resources from InfoBase and lots of fun student contests to celebrate National Poetry Month. Links to other student contests in the areas of art, science, film, and more are also provided.

Staff Shares

Self Care ; Mindfulness - Thank you Tyler Patten

Teach from Home - Thank you Tyler Patten

Drama Online - Thank you Rob Moreno

(Username: jcs013; Password: Authentication)

Khan Academy Tutorial - Thank you Steve Clinton

Distance Learning Resources - Thank you Rob Richards

CDE Distance Learning Resources

District Resource Curation

Smithsonian Resources

CTEOnline - Thank you Barbara Watts

EBSCO Distance Learning (Science, Lit, Debate, ELL, and more)

Gale Interactive (Science, Health and Wellness, Global Issues, and more)

Poetry and Short Story Reference Center

User Id: antelopetrial

Password: trial!20

InfoBase Resources Now Available to AnHS!

Titans can now access over 30 new high quality resources in all subject areas. Access to video streaming and full feature films is also available. We have this trial until May 16, 2020!

Username: 11080368-user
Password: digital

Once Titans enter the above username and password in the feature films section, they can use the following credentials to open each individual film:

Username: 000001

Password: galaxy

Source Reference


Password: Credo54!

Virtual Stress Relief for You!

Roedean School - Hallelujah - Virtual Choir

Check out Some Virtual Board Game Apps!

Try these top 25 games!

Are You a Bird Fan?

Check out the Virtual Bird Library and see who flies in.

Take a Virtual Walk: Pimmet View Park in Falls Church, VA

Relaxing Walk in the Rain, Umbrella and Nature Sounds for Sleep and Relaxation | 4k ASMR