Assessment: Getting it Right!

2017 SIEC Assessment Series

Embedded in this rich and powerful series is truly what every teacher needs to assess their students in the most powerful ways. When teachers fully understand best practices in assessment, they are strengthened in their practice and their confidence is increased as student success increases…and it will.

Please join us for these sessions for as many components at you can. Opt to sign up for every session in the series or attend one or two as "stand-alones" will find value in each and every one. Dr. Tara Bishop, Assistant Superintendent of Perry Central School Corporation, and DeAnne Taggart, SIEC Director of Professional Learning, will be presenting for different elements of this initiative. Participants will appreciate their expertise and knowledge.

Authentic Formative Assessment

Learn to collect detailed information that can be used to improve instruction and student learning while it’s happening! What makes an assessment “formative” is not the design of a test, technique, or self-evaluation, per se, but the way it is used—i.e., to inform in-process teaching and learning modifications. THIS is masterful teaching. This knowledge could empower you more than anything you have ever done in your teaching career!

June 1 & 2, 2017: Click here to register!

The Power of Effective Feedback on Student Learning

Examine Visible Learning research on effective feedback, learn how students accept and use teacher feedback, understand how to enhance student-to-student feedback, and explore how to create a culture of feedback in the classroom. August 18, 2017: Click here to register!

Creating Common Formative Assessments & Utilizing Data to Inform Instruction

This is a power-packed two-day professional learning experience strategically scheduled at the beginning of the school year, with time in between to have time to implement work from the first session and then come back to discuss and revise. During the second day, participants will be immersed in best practices to utilize data results from your common formative assessments to improve your teaching and learning.

August 24 & September 21, 2017: Click here to register!

Effective Grading Practices

Have we ever really felt confident about how we grade and if this practice is truly fulfilling it’s purpose? Too many of us haven’t, but we really haven’t explored or thought fully about what to do about it. This session will have us thinking critically about our mindset and how we might change this practice to have a greater impact on student learning. Participants in this session will come away with strategies to implement more authentic, more effective, grading practices.

October 5, 2017: Click here to register!


Location: Southern Indiana Education Center, 1102 Tree Lane Drive, Jasper, IN 47547

Time: 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (Eastern)

Costs for ESC Members: One-day session: $110 per participant, Two-day sessions: $185 per participant. All four workshops (includes 6 days): $530 per participant. Please click HERE to register for ALL 6 days!

Costs for Non-ESC Members: One-day session: $160 per participants, Two-day sessions: $260. All four workshops (includes 6 days): $740 per participant. Please click HERE to register for ALL 6 days!

Deadline: May 1, 2017

*Participants will need to bring a laptop computer to access online resources. Lunch will be included and a certificate for 6 PGPs will be provided for each workshop day.