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Keys to the Kitchen - The Essential Reference for Becoming a More Accomplished, Adventurous Cook

For members of the tech-savvy new generation who can't cook but want to, this essential reference guide makes an ideal starting place and for those already at ease in the kitchen it's full of "who knew" moments for expanding their repertoire of great recipes. Available February 17 - March 5 to all Bush Middle School Students.
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Food Network star Aida Mollenkamp's comprehensive reference guide to becoming a more accomplished, adventurous cook will be available for every patron that wishes to read it—no holds, no waitlists from February 17 - March 5.

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Get a tic-tac-toe on this card using the center square, and you are invited to watch Ratatouille in the library with us on Friday afternoon, March 7! Popcorn will be provided! Each card will be entered into a drawing for a copy of this cookbook!

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