Dolphine Trainer

By: Katrina Mleziva

What does a dolphin trainer do?

A dolphin trainer is someone who teaches dolphins tricks. They also make sure dolphins are okay. So they make sure they have the proper amount of food and are feeling healthy. If a dolphins is not feeling well and has a cold, then they would give them medicine to make them better. Also a dolphin trainer will perform for big crowds to show of the dolphin with its tricks. They perform those shows at marine parks.

This is a picture of a dolphin trainer taking care of it's dolphin because it was sick.
This is a dolphin trainer feeding it's dolphin.
These three pictures are some tricks a dolphin trainer would teach it's dolphin.

Why do I want to be a dolphin trainer?

I choose this career because I thought it would be cool to have a connection with a dolphin and know that you both will trust each other. Also, if you train a dolphin correctly, they are very friendly.

Expeirience/Skills needed for this career

You will need patience because you can’t teach a dolphin tricks if you get frustrated right away and then the dolphin won’t listen to you. You will need to be able to swim because then you can do tricks in the water with your dolphin. You need to be able to teach accurately because you want the dolphin to perform the tricks correctly and you also want to have public speaking skills because you need to be able to show the dolphin to large crowds.

Education needed to become a dolphin trainer

The education that you need is a bachelors degree that relates to biology, psychology or animal behavior. Or you need a 2 year diploma or certificate from a specialized school, such as Moor park College’s or Exotic Animal Training and Management Program.

The branch of science that this career falls under and why

The branch of science that a Dolphin trainer falls under is Life Science because you deal with living things which in this case is dolphins.

Something I found interesting about this career

Something I found interesting is that when you train a dolphin, you not only teach it tricks but you can swim with them too.
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