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Info about my Personal January Special, BBMBs, and . . .

Happy January!!

Hello to my Canadian friends!

This is the first time that I've sent you all an Newsletter of 'your very own'. :)

Hope that everyone is doing well and had a fabulous month of Holidays, and had lots of opportunity for family and friends.

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Stuff you'll see in this Newsletter:

I'm having a Personal Special this month and wanted to loop y'all in and let you know about a couple of other fabulous Scentsy things happening in January. Keep reading for more information.

January is our Bring By My Bar Month, 20 of our favorite discontinued scents are back for one month only (scroll down to see the list). Bars are priced like 'regular' bars and you can get a sampler for only $102 (a 'sampler' is one of each of the BBMB bars).

January's a great month to Host a Party, too - qualifying Parties that close in January will receive twice the Half-Priced Rewards items!! It's a great time to ask your friends to shop because so many will have received a little cash in their Holiday stockings! And so many of their favorite discontinued scents are available during our BBMB month.

I appreciate your business in 2015 and look forward to helping you and your house/office/car smell terrific in 2016!

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My Personal January Special

Need Scentsy?


In January, let me place your order for you and you'll get:

10% off of all Warmers and Buddies AND

10% off of 6-pack of Bars AND

$8 flat-rate shipping, no matter what size your order is

**I am unable to alter orders placed on my website. Use my website for window-shopping, then Email me your order. I will tally it up and Email you a PayPal invoice, you simply follow the link and securely pay with your credit card and I'll take it from there.

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January is Bring Back My Bar Month!

Twice a Year we vote on our favorite discontinued scents and bring the top 20 back for one short month. January is one of those months. Check out all of the fabulousness below...... I know that some of you have favorites on this list. You can get them IN JANUARY, individually or in 3 and 6-bar packs at 'regular' Bar pricing or (my favorite) you can buy a Sampler Pack and get all 20 for only $102! (the sampler pack includes one of each of the 20 bars, no substitutions)

(Don't forget about my Personal Special regarding online ordering - which will help make these things even a less expensive!... and yes, I'll take 10% off of the Sampler Pack pricing, too)

My favorites on the list? Spiced Grapefruit, Red Delicious, Simply Rose

I know many of you like Simply Irresistible, Hemingway, and Hendrix

Get 'em before their gone!

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I'm also looking for folks that LOVE scents....

To sell Scentsy with me. January is a great time to sign up. Spend your Holiday cash and invest in a business - it can be a big business or a small business, the key is that it is YOURS. As long as you operate within the Scentsy Standards (aka 'rules'), you are able to operate your business however you like:

One-on-One sales


Vendor Events

Open Houses

Sign up just to make commission on your own purchases! (and know that you're family will buy from you, too)

It's your business, you're the boss. You do what you're comfortable doing - or maybe use it as an excuse to step out of your comfort zone and get out there and meet new friends. You get everything you need to get your new business started with our Starter Kit; catalogs and wax testers, postcards, flyers, 3 months of a personal website, and one each of a number of different Scentsy Products.

Scentsy is available in a number of different Countries, for $119 you'll sign up to sell in the Canada - there's a nominal monthly charge to sign up to sell/recruit in our other Countries (for example, I sell in the US, Canada, and Mexico and may sign up in Australia). Want to know what Countries we're in? Drop me an Email!

You already LOVE scents and Scentsy ..... why not take advantage of that love and make a little money off of it! ;)

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Thank you for reading my first all-Canadian ScentsySharron Newsletter..... Please feel free to forward this to your friends. Share the Scentsy love!