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This is the life of Squanto if we go back 446 years ago he would be 9 years old he was a Indian at Plymouth rock keep reading for more facts about Squanto . Squanto was a hard working Indian . Squanto helped the pilgrims settle. Into to the new world.squanto was captured by Englishman and sold as a slave . Squanto hard work created a forever friendship between the pilgrims and Indians

Squanto's Beginning

Squanto was a Native American that helped everyone and everything Squanto learned to speak English.squanto had to work hard to live as a Native American child. He helped animals stay warm by bringing them in to his house and feed and give them water .

When Squanto was a slave

A group of explorers found the Native American's and knew what to do with some of the Native American 's. They load them on to a ship and when back to England they sold them as slave and Squanto was one of them in the group and was sold to a English farmer. But the hard work was not hard for him because he was use to the hard work

The Pilgrims

A year later Squanto watched the pilgrims then decided to help the pilgrims plant and hunt deer , boar , turkey , as well as build homes for the pilgrims. Then a year after Squanto decided to stay with them and find them food and keep them alive.

Ending of Squanto 's Life

Squanto had a long and some times happy and some times a hard life he was killed at the age of 36 to 37 years old by poison that the Wampanoag. A lot of people liked Squanto for making peace with the pilgrims.



Squanto and first thanks giving By : Joyce Kassel. Lisa donze


Squanto by: world book kids


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