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NEWSLETTER | TERM 2 | WEEK 2 | 30 April 2021

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Message from Geordie

Dear families

Another week has gone flying by and we have been having a ball here at St Bernie’s. This week we had our ANZAC Ceremony on a beautiful warm, sunny afternoon underneath our trees. The event was led by Mrs Roberts and our Year 6 Leaders and I was blown away by the respect and reverence shown during the service. Mr Archie Lombardini from Rockingham RSL addressed the students and reminded us all of the importance of mateship and looking after our friends while at school. A big thanks to Sophie Gray who played The Last Post and the Rouse so beautifully. Our students have also created a display in the Library so COVID restrictions permitting, feel free to pop in for a look!

On Wednesday we had our Birds of Prey Incursion, organised by Mrs Murphy in Science and it was amazing to see the live birds including an owl – It really was a hoot! I am pretty sure that Mrs Murphy did not have a second to sit down all day and on behalf of all our students I would like to thank her for organising the day and making Science so engaging and fun!

I have now had the chance to sit down and go through a lot of the feedback from last term and one of the big topics was homework. I believe homework should be an opportunity to practice what has already been taught and learnt at school and the time spent should be appropriate to the age of students. We also want our students to have down time after school, play with siblings and parents, go to sport or dance training, jump on the trampoline or ride their bikes. I really believe balance is important and each family will be different, this is our challenge. From here, I will work with a small cross-section of staff to do some research, discuss with teachers and families and update our Homework Policy to reflect our context.

Now that we have an extra week before our assembly, I would love if families could send us a nice photo of our students with their Mum. We have had a few and would love some more. Please send them through to

Finally, after the Eagles/Dockers banter (well deserved) I have received while standing at the drive-through this week, I will leave any comments until after the game.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Geordie Thuijs


COVID Arrangements for next week

Yesterday evening, Premier Mark McGowan announced that COVID-19 restrictions in the Perth metropolitan area and Peel region will be eased from 12.01am Saturday 1 May.

Modified restrictions will remain in place until 12.01am on Saturday 8 May 2021.

The easing of restrictions is very positive news for our school and will mean that many of our planned activities will be able to resume with minimal disruption. Below is an outline of the arrangements and restrictions as they apply to our school.

Mask Wearing

Students in Kindergarten to Year 6 in the Perth and Peel region are not required to wear a mask, but their teachers and support staff must continue to wear masks indoors. Teachers do not need to wear masks when they are teaching.

Parents, caregivers and visitors on school premises

Parents, caregivers and visitors to schools in the Perth and Peel regions must wear a mask and adhere to COVID-safe guidelines while they are indoors on a school site.

If parents, caregivers and visitors are outdoors on a school site, masks must be worn if physical distancing is not possible.

School assemblies and indoor activities

Masks are required to be worn at all indoor venues and at outdoor activities where social distancing cannot be adhered to.

We are grateful to all in our school community – students, parents and staff – for your support in ensuring our school remains a safe environment for all, especially considering the current disruptions to school life. We are indeed blessed that the measures taken have proven so successful and that students in WA are able to engage in their learning with minimal disruption.

We ask that you keep in your prayers communities around the world who continue to experience extreme hardship and suffering in this time.
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Merit Awards - Rescheduled Assembly - 7 May 2021

Last week's Assembly has been rescheduled to the 7th May 2021. The Merit Awards that should have been presented last week, will be presented then - here are the Award winners again.

This will be held at 8.50 am in the undercover area, at this stage parents are welcome to attend.

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Disabled Parking

Please do not park in the designated Disabled Parking space in front of the school. We have families who for valid reasons (and who hold a permit) need to use this parking. It causes considerable stress and inconvenience when they are unable to use this parking spot.

Please be mindful of this, your co-operation would be appreciated.

Birds of Prey Whole School Incursion

This Wednesday we were treated to a Birds of Prey Incursion. This educational talk and visual display was a stimulating way to teach our students about Birds of Prey. It allowed our students to see a variety of birds up close, to identify them , learn about their diet and where they can be found in Australia. It also gave the students an insight on how unique these birds are, what role they play in our environment and how susceptible they are to human activity.

Thankyou from St Bernies!

Bernie's would like to give a big shout out ' to school families who helped to give our beautiful school garden a make over during the holidays. Thankyou to the Gray, Leijser, Burns and Cairns families who worked their magic, weeding, cleaning and remodeling the area.

A big thank you to the Curtis family for their generous donation of garden beds and garden gloves.

You are all amazing and part of the reason why the positive spirit at Bernie's is so wonderful!

Fume Free Friday

Today was Fume Free Friday and this morning and we saw heaps of students out on their bikes and scooters!

Star Cards were everywhere! Remember it will only take 25 active trips to fill your child's card this term which will secure them a spot in the draw for a $50 voucher!

Making Jesus Real (MJR) at St Bernies

Making Jesus Real (MJR) is a programme designed to foster a relationship with Jesus that is real to the students and relevant to their daily lives. MJR is centred around the belief that we are the image of Jesus to all people around us. We are His representatives, and our actions should reflect His values taught in the Gospel. Jesus told us that we are all part of His family and that the way we treat others should be reflective of the way we would treat Him.

MJR has a simple message – Jesus is part of our lives and can change the way we live; that we can make Jesus real through our daily actions and words.

An important aspect of MJR is learning how to recognise God Moments in an encounter with a friend, a cheerful greeting, a smile, a wink of encouragement, an offer of a helping hand or an unexpected compliment. MJR leads us to be ‘winners and grinners’ rather than ‘moaners and groaners’, to look for positives in each day, and to make sure we let others know how much we appreciate them in our lives, and how to pass on the Good News each day.

We will be ensuring that MJR is specifically linked to school policies and teaching and learning programmes across all Key Learning Areas. These include the values of showing care and compassion, respect, honesty and trustworthiness, understanding, tolerance and inclusion. These values also encourage students to do their best, treat others fairly, be responsible for their actions and follow school rules and procedures.

We call MJR a programme, but it is really just a Christian way of life. We live our daily lives, and the best results occur when we take the opportunity to stop and reflect each day for 60 seconds and ask, “Where was Jesus in my life today?”

MJR at St Bernie’s will be launched at a small student assembly on Monday 3rd May. You may start to hear some new language around our values over the coming weeks, starting with the term “WESTIE”. The acronym stands for Welcoming, Encouraging, Saying Sorry, Thankful, Interested, Empathy.

Our focus for weeks two and three will be – Welcoming and this will be introduced by the MJR Ministry at the student assembly. Week 2 focus, in particular, will be on giving and receiving greetings. We encourage you to have conversations with your child(ren) around this, for example, saying hello to people and saying hello back when greeted by another person. Each week the MJR focus will be shared in the newsletter.

Parish Notices

Due to the easing of Post-Lockdown Restrictions in Perth and Peel Region

St Bernadette’s Parish Church will continue with all weekday and weekend Masses and Liturgies as from 12:01 am on Sat 1 May 2021 to 12:01 am on Sat 8 May 2021.

The following measures will apply:

Face masks must be worn for indoor public venues, except for exemptions

Up to 100% capacity for places of worship

SafeWA App or paper based register is mandatory.

Any further update will be detailed on our church window notice or through our weekly edition of Parish Sunday Bulletin, The Communio.

Please visit our parish website: and for full details, please refer to the Archdiocesan website

For all enquiries, please ring Parish Office on 9593 4670.

Fr Francis Huy Nguyen PP

Year 3 Home Made Bird Feeders

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City of Rockingham Seedling Giveaway - please support us!

We would love to green up our front entry area near the Library and we ask that as many families as possible could please access the City of Rockingham seedling giveaway and donate their seedlings to the school.

Please see the attached link for dates and location. Seedlings can be left at the front office.

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Chance to Win a Kitchen Garden for St Bernies, please help!

Network 10 ( MasterChef Australia and the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation) and Coles are running a competition nationally for schools to give away $5000 cash towards our Kitchen Garden.

This would be a wonderful way to expand our garden and help our students develop positive food habits.

There’s a $500 Coles voucher for the person who nominates the winning school. Please help us by nominating St Bernies – go to to enter or the link below.

Compliance and Policy section

Today I have attached Statement 3 in the Code of Conduct which highlights acting in accordance with the values of the Gospel.

Again, please take the time to read this document in your own time.

School Term Dates 2021

Term 2 Monday 19/04/2021 - Friday 02/07/2021

Term 3 Tuesday 20/07/2021 - Thursday 23/9/2021

Term 4 Monday 11/10/2021 - Friday 10/12/2021

Pupil Free Dates 2021

Friday 04/06/2021

Monday 19/07/2021

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Monday 24/09/2021

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