Work Place Stress

Causes and Effects


Work Place Stress: It can be caused by a demanding boss, annoying co-workers, rebellious students, long commutes and a never ending workload.

A major reason for stress is the lack of time management many workers fail to employ. Deadlines and objectives are always something workers are going to have. Time management is KEY.


Work Place: Stress can cause burnout in even the best employees. Workers feel overworked and have a lack of focus which in turn affects their productivity.

Health: Stress most definitely affects the worker's health. Headaches, sleep disorders, vision problems, weight gain/loss are all common effects of stress. Sickness often makes the worker take time off from work, increasing their workload once they return, which in turn raises their stress once again.

Relationships: Stress is also a major contributor to strained interactions with peers and supervisors. Stress generates heightened sensitivities to all forms of criticism and increases defensiveness and paranoia about job security.

Positives: Although there are many negative consequences of stress, one positive is that a certain amount of stress help keep workers on their toes and committed to getting their work done on time.