Saving the mountain gorillas

The mountain gorilla in Africa are very endangered

Grady Ryan

The mountain gorillas are dying out

The Virungan mountain gorillas are very endangered. There are many causes to this sad tragedy. One of them is habitat loss. Each day, a Mountain Gorilla's habitat is destroyed for agriculture and livestock clearances. Another reason why these amazing creatures are endangered is humans. As mountain Gorilla's come into contact with humans, they become vulnerable to catching harmful diseases, where humans may experience it slightly, a Mountain Gorilla will be severely threatened, for example, a simple cold could kill them. The biggest way that is causing gorillas to die out is poaching. People kill gorillas for sport and food illegally.
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These fascinating creatures could go extinct very soon if we don't help. If we protect the gorillas we might be able to make the species live longer. The current population of these gorillas is around 880 and if it goes any lower they could be in grave danger. If they go extinct the rain forests of Virunga will be a less diverse place.
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We need to help protect this amazing species. One organization that is helping is the WWF's African Great Apes Program.

They help by improving the effectiveness of protected areas.Stopping the illegal trade in gorilla product.
Increasing support for gorilla conservation among both local and international communities .
And programs not only help to protect the gorillas themselves but also help protect thousands of other species of animals and plants that are found in the gorilla habitat.

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Protecting the Future

If we help protect the mountain gorillas now the species will live long enough for us to find a very good solution to stop them from going extinct. That will keep the rain forests of Virunga very diverse places.
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