Dear Parents,

Our Classroom Rules

I would like to inform you of our classroom rules. Please reinforce these rules at home with your children. These expectations are put in place so that each child has success in their academic career. The classroom and classroom discussion rules are the general standard for everyday. However, for each major activity and transition the acronym immediately below will be used to teach expectations to students on what is appropriate behavior. CHAMPs serves as a guide to our expectations for specific activities.


Conversation-- Are student allowed to talk? with whom? for how long? at what voice level?

Help--How do students get their questions answered? how do they get my attention?

Activity--What is the expected product? What is the transition?

Movement--Are students allowed to get out of their seats? If so, what for?

Participation--What does exceptional behavior look like? unsatisfactory behavior?


Classroom Rules

1. Be prepared--have homework, pencil, etc. ready

2. Follow directions--immediately!

3. Be respectful--listen when others are speaking

4. Raise your hand to stay or speak up.

5. Use polite and appropriate language.

6. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

7. Pick up after yourself.

8. Put forth your best effort!

Consequences: Rewards:

verbal warning clip up!

conference with student brain game break

parent phone call earn class points

referral prize box

Classroom Discussion

1. If you want to speak, wait for a pause.

2. Talk only on the topic.

3. Remain seated until you have permission to get up.

4. Be a respectful listener.

5. Voice level: 3