It time to pull out your Hair!!

Investigations Pulling out the parts to support

We will meet on the following dates 10/9/12 & 10/16 this is only for the math people.

Calvert, Hawkins, Summey & Burrell to prepare for 10/17/12 Staff meeting.

Please bring your investigations lesson book on Geometry third grade was unit 9,5th unit 6 two books. Mrs. Summey check for your unit.

Pulling the parts out

Tuesday, Oct 9th, 2:45pm

Mrs. Hawkins room 220

Bring something to eat.
Bring your unit books for each grade. Preview the back of the unit book called professional Development before the 9th of October.

Bring food and a great since of humor.

We will look at technology to support our workshop to the staff. So bring some information on tech lesson..